Ria Hooghiemstra with Alchemy bird - art project bullying

Alchemy bird

The alchemy bird is a big strong bird, who can transform everything to gold... (as a true alchemist he can do this....). He can change vulnerability into strength and fear into courage.

Alchemy in fairytale wood
This bird will play an important role in the fairytale I am writing about the frightened little bird and the dragon. The Alchemy bird is the big bird of change. I myself also feel it as a big victory that I have succeeded in making this big bird! This bird is a symbol for my own process of inner change.

Alchemy bird - made for art project bullying

One feather at a time

In a time in which everything has to be done fast, faster, fastest, and a time in which “time is money”, I choose the slow way. One feather at a time I have made a nice, big warm and safe nest. The Alchemy Bird is now living in this nest. He is also build one feather at a time....

This art project about bullying is very labor-intensive; it grows one feather at a time…

During the 2 years that I am busy with it, I myself have also changed one feather at a time. 

Despite of all the sadness and pain I have pulled myself up and I got more self-confidence.

One feather at a time….

This is slow, but actually also rather quick…

To finish this project is an important goal, but I will only succeed in this if I have the courage, again and again, to go my own inner path, one feather at a time….

Alchemy bird - art project bullying