I make most of the time on my own, many long walks. During these walks I find feathers and often these feathers remind me of something that happened in my past. I find crushed, bloody and very damaged feathers. I find feathers which show very clearly that there has been a fight, and I find feathers which have lost all their feathery qualities and which now have more a ropelike quality. But also I find feathers which are very soft and woolly and feathers which are very delicate and fragile. All these feathers tell their story and remind me of my own story. I write about all of this and in this way the text of my first 2 books in text, textile and feathers arises.


 feather cords for the huge nest XXL for art project


In the meantime I go on with manipulating the feathers. I pack them in plastic and stitch at them with the sewing machine. I also start with building a huge warm and soft nest. Months and months I am busy sewing thousands of feathers to long woolen cords. These cords I use for the raised edges of the nest.


I use cords of recycle-material for the bottom of the nest. I make these cords with strips of transparant plastic, video-tape, strips of brown fabric and nets of firewood and potatoes.

The ellipsoidal nest is approximately 120 centimetre long and 1 metre wide.

building of the huge nest XXL for art project


At the photograph you can see the building of the nest.