Broken wing

If you are a victim of being bullied, you can feel very threatened and trapped. A trap where you can not easily get out. You stick to it, like a fly in a fly-trap and you definitely need some help. If you finally succeed in getting out of the trap, you will probably discover that your wings are damaged or even broken… Mine were pretty much damaged and I was fairly broken-winged…

But this project “feathers and dragons” is providing me new wings… and my “playing time” also contributes to this.

broken wing - art project bullying


My work “broken wing” is the result of a challenge given at the international freeform forum to use a fly-trap as inspiration for free knitting or crocheting. At a thrift store I discoverd an object I could use as a foundation. I partly wrapped yarn around this and I added 9 crocheted large beaks… So this got a dangerous monster, at least at the outside.

broken wing - art project bullying

At the inside there is a beautiful golden flower. This symbolizes something we never must forget: Children who are bullying are often also in need of help. Inside they can be quite different than what they show at the outside!

I decided to leave part of the wire just as it was. This symbolizes the ones who do not actively bully, but they are afraid to be the next victim, so they do not stand up for the one who is bullied. They still want to belong to the group…

broken wing - detail, art project bullying