Project for children

I would like to rewrite the books into children language, for the project for the children. I  do this by writing a fairytale: The fairytale about the frightened little bird and the dragon. My dream is that the fairytale can be used in lessons at school.


I also have the intention to make a very big and colorful nest for the children’s project. This nest should be made in such a way that it can be folded or rolled, so that it is easy to transport it. I have some ideas about how to do this, but in actual doing it, it will become clear what is the best way to make this nest. Anyway I have started with making the cords of recycle-material for the bottom of the nest.

cords of recycle-material for art project bullying

I have made a large collection of all quite different nests. With all these different nests I want to show that everyone is different and unique and that each nest has its own possibilities and limitations.

nest made with wire - art project bullying

Maybe it would also be a possibility to make nests together with children. Every child his or her own nest, or a larger nest made by a lot of children together.
It is a lot of fun to make nests. I think a lot of children would love it.