The earth birds

The earth birds are strongly connected with the earth. They usually have their nests close to the earth, on the earth or even in the earth. Most of the earth birds are bigger than the rainbow birds and they search for food on the ground or in the ground. If they fly at all, then they usually do not fly very high in the air…. 

They are part of the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon.

sap-green bird- art project bullying

 sapgreen bird


 brown madder bird - art project bullying

 brown madder bird


 sienna bird- art project bullying

 sienna bird


 umber bird - art project bullying

umber bird



 Van Dijck brown birds - art project bullying


The Van Dijck brown bird

The Van Dijck brown bird uses the warmth of the earth in a very special way, by building an enormous nest mound for the eggs. So the eggs are not incubated directly. This very special earth bird takes care that the temperature in his nest heap is exactly the right one for the eggs.

The warmth in the heap is measured with the beak. More leaves are added to or removed from the heap, to get more or less warmth for the eggs.