With my own biography as a starting point, I write the fairytale about the frightened little bird and the dragon.
In the beginning of the fairytale the frightened little bird is sitting in a small dark box.

frightened little bird at the beginning of the fairytale

Later she meets her two friends, who take her with them to their bigger and nicer nest. The frightened little bird herself also changes. But still she suffers from the very large dragon who spits ugly words towards her.

frightened little bird and her friends in their nest

The friends decide to get help from the rainbow birds and the earth birds. Will they be able to help the frightened little bird? And what about the great Alchemy Bird?

I want to publish the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon as a book, with different adventures, including some photos of the adventures. However I still have a lot to do before the photos can be taken. Now the birds and the dragon are finished, it is time to work at the environment.
I will also have to work at things that are needed for the different adventures. The dragon does not give up easily.... He devises a dragon-like plan.... The birdcage below is part of this plan. It is no fun to sit  in a cage like this... But even if this seems to be hopeless, there is always hope that the situation can change for the better.

I have told already that this fairytale is actually my own life story. I have been sitting for quite a long time in a kind of cage like this, but finally I succeeded to escape. The dragon - who is still life-sized present in our living room, is no longer the mightiest.... His ugly words have lost their meaning to me. This will also be reflected in the fairytale.

birdcage made for art project about bullying