Frigtened little bird

“The playful little girl is dead. Where she was playing, now a frightened little bird is sitting.”
This I wrote in one of my books about the impact of bullying. The first bird that is knitted by me is a fearful and miserable little bird. It has not much color, is not able to fly and it can not stand straight up. The eyes are dull and the bird is sitting in a bit a strange position. This is exactly how I intended this bird to be. It shows how I felt a long time ago, when I was bullied for years and years.

frightened little bird

I start knitting this bird with a story when I discover the knitting project Yil Birds of Mathilde Jongbloed. I find out about her project exactly at the right moment. So this frightened little bird becomes the first bird in my series of knitted birds with a story.
All these knitted birds have helped me to process my past. Every new bird in the series is a new challenge to discover certain qualities in myself or develop them.

I am changing because of all of this and the frightened little bird is changing with me. 
The fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon is all about this process of changing.... Right now I am writing this fairytale.