With this art project I want to make something that touches people in their heart, soul and thinking. 

Bullying is a common problem with a lot of consequences. It happens at school, at the internet, at work and even in the homes for elderly people. People who bully often do not realize which deep wounds they can cause by others. 

With the project “feathers and dragons” I hope to show both adults and children how huge the consequences of years of bullying can become. 
In het fairytale about the frightened little bird and the dragon I show something of my own story and my own inner path of development. 
Perhaps even more explicit I tell the same story in a different way in my textile books.
See books-1boeken-2 and boeken-3.
The many nests are an expression of my regained playfulness and creativity. In all their diversity they also show that no nest is the same as others. Each nest has its own possibilities and restrictions. One
 nest is not better than the other, only more suitable for one and less for the other bird.

I hope I will be able to publish both the fairytale and the whole project in book form.