Help the dragon get his golden wings back

The fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon ends with a mission: 

The dragon needs our help to get his golden wings back. This is only possible if we are willing to live with the golden key words. For each key word with which we live in our hearts, the dragon will get a golden feather for his new wings.

Here is the list of golden keywords:

If you want to contribute to this project you can help by knitting or crocheting just one golden feather for the dragon and choosing one of the golden keywords above to live with.

Please use the contact form at this website to get more information and the address you need to send your feather. I will also need your address to send you a small "golden key" I have made as a big thank you to you. 
You can wear this small key as a pendant or you can hang it on your bag or bunch of keys, or just do with it whatever you want.

golden keys

To knit or crochet a golden feather for the dragon you will need some reddish- brown yarn and some gold yarn. The reddish brown yarn for the basic feather should be a little bit thicker than the gold yarn. If you do not have the right yarn, and do not want to buy some yarn, please let me know, because not having the right yarn should not be the problem.... If necessary I can send you some yarn.