Birth of the idea

I start collecting feathers because of a workshop with recycle-material with Lois Walpole.

I find lots of them in a big variety. Looking at my harvest, I ask myself how I can use them. Then I see at a year-market “dream-catchers” with beads at the feathers. So I get my beads and start putting them at the feathers. Carefully I slide them until the middle of the feathers. The feathers are partly pressed together by the beads. Suddenly I find myself crying. I realise soon that this is related to the time that I was bullied. This happened at the primary school, for years and years. The bullying made that I made myself little; I was pressed together. I now again feel the pain and grief, but at the same moment I feel happy, because now I know what to do. With feathers, text and textile I want to deal with my past in an artistic way and at the same time I want to put something into the world that can help others.

Already a long time ago I had the wish to do so, but now I also see the opportunity. So I immediately start writing and I trust that I will find my way by just acting.