Stop cyberbullying
Cyberbullying is a huge problem. Parents have to know about the dangers of it and about their possibilities to protect their children.At the website stop cyberbullying you can find a lot of useful information.

Stop bullying
At this site of the U.S. government you can find a lot about bullying, how to prevent it and how to respond to bullying. 

Cyberbullying and substance abuse 
At this site you can find information about cyberbullying and substance abuse.

Celebral palsy and bullying
At this site you can find information about celebral palsy and bullying.

Open colleges
At the website of Open Colleges you can find a lot of information about cyber safety.
This includes information about cyber bullying, identity theft and general internet safety. 

More internet safety tips
In a Parent's Guide to Internet Safety you can find a lot of information about things parents should know... 

And here is another  Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online.

MoneySavingPro has also made a guide for parents with Internet Safety Tips for Kids

And last but not least I want to mention a guide for Digital Citizenship and Cyber Security from the Maryville University. Thank you Sarah, for finding this link!


I hope the links at this page will help you to protect your children. I try to give you the best information I have, however it is your own responsibility to choose wise and always use your common sense. Be aware that things change quickly at the internet...