Freeform sprang
I created a new website for  freeform sprang. There will also be tutorials at this site, but you have to have a little patience, because I am still working at it:



A workshop with Lois Walpole has changed my look at waste materials.



I like the textile art of Othilia Verdurmen very much. It is very inspiring to me. I have seen her work several times at exhibitions.


Also very inspirational to me is the art of Amanda McKim from Wired and Wild. I am following her since some time at facebook, but now she also has created her own website.

I admire the work of Chieko Aihara. Unfortunately I can not read her website, but I just read the photos and enjoy them. I especially like her modern sprang. You can also find the work of Chieko at Facebook: Sprang and Textile of Chieko Aihara.


Yil Birds

A project of Mathilde Jongbloed. People were challenged to tell their story in the form of a knitted bird. My story and birds were also at her blog. You can still find the photos of my birds between all the other yil birds here.


Textile art

At the website of Textiel Plus you can see a lot of textile art of both professionals and amateurs in their “vitrine”. You can find me there under my own name (Ria Hooghiemstra).

Felt art

Jolande van Luijk makes beautiful felt art. Jan and I learned from her how to felt a sheepskin.