Animal portraits
13-11-2019  20:47

I have finished my series of animal portraits now and have put them all together into a folding screen! I am very happy this part of my project is completed now!

At my Dutch website you can find a photo-album with pictures (the album is called "dierenportretten". 

There are also some more pictures there of my big exhibition at the Textile Festival Weerribben.

If you click at the pictures, you will see them more large.


Textile Festival Weerribben
22-06-2019  08:27

My big exhibition at the Textile Festival Weerribben is already over. I had a wonderful time and lots of nice reactions to my exhibition and storytelling of the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon.

Ria telling the fairytale

Exhibition during Textile Festival Weerribben

New birds
01-03-2019  13:12

I have made some new birds for the project of “the longest line of birds”.

I have put the PDF file of a sprang bird at the page tutorials, already about a month ago, but I forgot to tell about it here...

So, if you haven’t seen my sprang bird pattern already, you can find it here.

For this month I made another bird - it is a bird of freedom. This bird is made with a magic ball of yarn, that is a ball of yarn that is made by just knotting short ends of thread together with an overhand knot. I only made a Dutch pattern for this bird, but maybe you will get inspired to make your own bird of freedom! Just use your imagination or use another pattern. You can use your magic ball of yarn to make any pattern you wish. Just make sure the knots are at the outside, if you want your bird to have that untidily look.

Vrije vogel

Bird Fiona - a new bird pattern
03-12-2018  12:46

I added a new bird pattern to the page tutorials. It is of the bird Fiona.

This bird can be made for the longest line of birds (or you can hang her in the Christmas tree). For more information see the page tutorials.

Textile festival Weerribben
10-11-2018  08:36

I am happy to announce that I will be part of the Textile festival Weerribben in June 2019, with my art project Feathers and dragons.

I have mentioned this festival before in relation to the longest line of (textile) birds - a project that I also wholeheartedly support and recommend (see my previous post here).

The Textile Festival Weerribben is a very large festival that is organized once every 2 years. During the 3 days of the festival there is a lot to see and enjoy. There is a market, a fashion show, workshops and of course the art route, of which I will be part. I have already seen the location they have reserved for me and I am very happy with it. It will be a good location to build up my fairytale wood with all the birds and the dragon... So now I am working towards this exhibition - making suitable embroidered, crocheted and other fabrics for the birds to sit on.



Every bird sings in its own way
26-10-2018  19:00

Recently I came into contact with one of the persons that has organized the big project in the Netherlands of the biggest crocheted blanket. The following up of this project is a project with the longest line of birds, crocheted birds, knitted birds, embroidered birds, quilted birds, etc. All the birds will gather at the Textile Festival Weerribben, in June 2019.

This project is called “Elk vogeltje zingt zoals het gebekt is” which means “every bird sings in its own way”. This project is about connection (from heart to heart), warmth, strength (working together), color (show the world who you are) and diversity (everyone is important). So I am happy to become part of this project. I have made a pattern of a little bird Vrovo Freubel - I have published the pattern at the page tutorials. You can use this pattern as a basic pattern to make your own bird, which you can embellish in your own way. If you want to join the longest line of birds with your bird you can send it to: De Creazy Ladies, de Hare 10, 8375 GC Oldemarkt, the Netherlands. The bird should then become a loop for hanging. 

Vrovo Freubel

Transforming the second series of books
12-10-2018  20:30

At the moment I am working at the transformation of the second series of books. This means that I am looking for a way to use all the negative animal qualities, as described in the second series of books, in a more positive way.

I am making small samples now in which I show this transformation in image and text. I am using embroidery for this, in combination with appliqué and other techniques to make a background. More about this later.

Golden feathers and patterns at Ravelry
18-06-2018  11:13

The first golden feathers for the wings of the dragon have arrived! They came from the United States and the United Kingdom.

I have also published the patterns for making the feathers now at Ravelry. You can still join this challenge!

Here are the links to the patterns:

Knitting pattern for a feather for the dragon

Crochet pattern for a feather for the dragon

A small update
22-05-2018  08:11

Just a small update: more information about the previous message (helping the dragon get his golden wings back) you can now find at the page tutorials.

Help the dragon get his golden wings!
18-05-2018  17:42

The fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon ends with a mission: 

The dragon needs your help to get his golden wings back. This is only possible if we are willing to live with the golden key words. For each key word with which we live in our hearts, the dragon will get a golden feather for his new wings. 

Golden feathers we can knit or crochet!!!

Soon I will update this website with more information about this. Do you want to join? Let me already know! Use the contact form to send me a message and choose one of the golden key words from the list below to live with.

golden keys

As a big thank you for helping the dragon to get his golden wings back, I will send you a “golden key” made by me (see picture). You can wear this small key as a pendant or you can hang it on your bag or bunch of keys, or just do with it whatever you want. I estimate that I will need about 150 feathers, but it may be more or less - hard yet to say, but I think I will need at least 100.

Here is the list of keywords:

  • thankfulness
  • courage
  • patience
  • fidelity
  • freedom and responsibility
  • attention, interest and respect
  • trust
  • perseverance
  • helpfulness
  • honesty
  • wisdom
  • forgiveness

Some progress
20-03-2018  13:42

In the last few weeks I have worked some time at the new dragon. So there is again some progress....

I have added a new picture at the project page for the dragon at Ravelry. As you can see at the picture, the dragon is quite large. I am working now at the front legs of the dragon. The head is still not attached to the body, but I will do this soon, after finishing the legs.

Some delay....
11-02-2018  19:00

In the last few weeks I have had some more dalay in my work at the dragon. A day after I had updated this website, my husband was hit by a car. Luckily nothing was broken and everything will be allright again....  but in the first week he was dependend on my help. Now he is gradually healing and already able to take over some of my extra work again.

Still things are not back to (a new) normal, but we are very happy that there is some progress already.

And now and then I have some time to work at the dragon again...

Pictures of the dragon in progress can be found at my project page at Ravelry. 

Work in slow motion...
19-01-2018  20:09

At the moment I am ill, but I am still working a little at the dragon - just adding a few more scrumbles for his body....

So I am still here, but it is all in slow motion now....

Update about the dragon
16-12-2017  18:03

I just updated the pictures of the dragon at my project page at Ravelry.

This will be the last update for this year; it is now time for my long December break.

During this break I will be rewriting parts of my fairytale.

I already want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

News about the dragon
19-11-2017  19:46

The tail of the dragon, with the spikes, is ready and now I am working at the legs of the dragon....  Some new pictures of the work in progress are published at my project page for the dragon at Ravelry.

The body of the dragon
29-10-2017  20:22

During the last few weeks I have been working at the body of the dragon - designing the shape and searching for balance of the neck.... I have gotten some help of the followers of my Facebook page for this....  The idea I needed was going to the DIY store to find the materials I needed to support the neck....

I am happy with the solution I have found for this: using PVC pipe!! You can see pictures of this at my project page for the dragon at Ravelry.

Beginning to work at the new dragon
28-09-2017  13:51

I have made a start with the work at the new dragon. His teeth, tongue and the spikes at his head are ready now. You can read about my new dragon at this page at Ravelry. There are also some pictures of the work in progress at this project page....

Fairytale and dragon
09-09-2017  19:40

In the last few weeks I have written a lot at the fairytale book of the frightened little bird and the dragon. I have now completed the first rough version of it.

I will let it rest for a while now and then I will come back to it and see what still has to be rewritten.... So this will again take some time. 

In the fairytale even the dragon is changing.... so I will have to make a new dragon. This will again be a lot of work. I am now preparing for this - this means thinking about how I will do it.... and.... I have made a small shoulder dragon....

Ria with her shoulder dragon

Although I seldom work from a pattern, this time I did - I found a beautiful shoulder dragon with pattern at the internet and used this pattern to make my own shoulder dragon.

I am quite happy with my shoulder dragon. It symbolizes my inner growth: I have tamed the dragon! 


Writing, writing and more writing....
17-08-2017  17:56

The only thing I am doing at the moment for this art project is writing, writing and more writing.... 

I make long walks, taking pen and paper with me and when I come back from my walk I am ordening all that I have written during my walk....

I am happy to have inspiration to write at my fairytale again; so I just concentrate at the writing process now.

So no pictures to share right now.... However I have published a PDF file about sprang and Hedebo embroidery from Denmark last week. If you are interested in it, you can find it at my website freeform sprang:


A fairy for the inner child
29-07-2017  19:39

Working with the book "Recovery of your inner child" from Lucia Capacchione I talked with my inner child. It said it wanted me to make a fairy... So I asked it to make me a drawing. She did, and then - guided by my inner child - I made her her fairy, using mixed media techniques. 

Pictures of the fairy can be found at this page at Ravelry.

Back to sprang
19-07-2017  19:49

I am working at my large sprang with trees again. When this sprang is finished, it has to become part of a large weaving.

I am also still writing a bit at my fairytale and I am preparing my turn of being Designer for a day (DFAD) at Ravelry (in August). More about this later.

Textile birds in the garden
08-07-2017  08:58

We were cleaning up the attic (and the rest of the house) and found a lot of materials that were there already for a long time.... Amongst those materials there was a large and heavy net. Seeing this net, I got an idea: This net could become a bird!!! So I started shaping the net, winding rope around it. 

I also had a huge collection of feathers. I used to use a lot of feathers in my work (in the XXL nest I used thousands of small feathers), but nowadays I rarely use them. So I wanted to get rid of the feathers, without throwing them all away. So I decided to use a lot of feathers in this bird too. Also some other recycle materials were used to make this bird. I also got some assistance from my husband for making this bird.

After finishing the bird I wanted to make a second bird. And so I did. Both birds are out in the garden now.

You can find pictures of both birds at my public page Feathers and dragons at Facebook.

You can also find a slide show about the making of the first bird there.

Writing at the fairytale
24-06-2017  19:04

Usually my best time to write is in Winter. In the rest of the year it can happen that I do not write at all for a long time. It happened to me last year. I did not write at all for a very long time, until it was almost Christmas. Then I started writing again at my fairytale and in a relatively short time I wrote the whole fairytale within the fairytale and still a bit more.

After that there was again a pause in spring.... but recently I started writing again. Just a little bit each day..... but I am writing!! And I am happy about this. The writing and creating the things needed for the fairytale is almost simultaneously now.

Saving the large XXL-nest from the moths.
03-06-2017  20:21

I had some problems with moths in the large XXL nest (The nest where Alchemy is living).... I have caught several moths in the neighbourhood or even in my large nest and I also discovered suspicious white rectangular pieces (larvae) in the felted carpet at the bottom of the nest.... So the felted carpet from the bottom of the nest has been washed, and dryed outside in the sun, the nest is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and with water with vinegar and next we will spray Neem oil...

While I was busy with all of this, Alchemy had to leave the nest for a while. She walked through the fairytale wood. I have taken a picture of it....  I have added the picture to the page of Alchemy.

Golden keywords - the promised picture
18-05-2017  07:45

golden key words: Geduld (patience)

This golden keyword "geduld" means patience.


Golden key words again....
17-05-2017  21:08

This week I was working at the golden key words again......

I have found a solution for attaching the keys to the key words. Picture is coming soon....

Golden key words
09-05-2017  20:23

This week I was embroidering golden key words again. Now I have to think about how to finish them and how to attach the keys to them.... I hope a solution will be found this week...

I have also been working at a sprang with trees. I want to use this sprang as a part of a large weaving I will make. 

I have also experimented with different ways to finish a sprang. I am using embroidery for this. While working at TAST this idea has come to my mind...

I have made a video about this, which I will publish soon at Sprangria at You Tube.

80 Stitches done!!!
29-04-2017  20:05

Yes! I succeeded in catching up with the TAST embroidery challenge. So now I have finished 80 small samples with embroidery stitches. 

Still more to come, but now just 1 a week....

I will put a picture below of one of my favorite stitches. Some more pictures can be found at Pinterest.

Top knotted buttonhole stitch

Another week of stitching
19-04-2017  20:31

Still working very hard to catch up with the Embroidery challenge of TAST...

I have made now over 50 small samples with embroidery stitches.... And I am really enjoying it to learn new skills.... 

In between I have also been writing a little at my fairytale. Not much more to tell this week. Maybe a new picture next week.

More little samples of embroidery for TAST
10-04-2017  20:56

Because TAST (see older posts) has already started a long time ago, I am still a lot of stitches behind, but my collection of samples is growing day by day...

Just to give you an idea, I want to share this picture with you.

3 small samples of embroidery stitches

You Tube, TAST and visitors in the fairytale wood
04-04-2017  19:38

Last week I have been so busy with making video's about sprang and putting them at You Tube, that I have totally forgotten to update this website.

If you are interested in the video's about sprang, you can find me at You Tube as Sprangria. I have already posted 7 (!!!) short video's about sprang.

In between I have also been embroidering small samples for TAST (see previous article). And there were also 2 visitors coming to my house to see the art project Feathers and dragons and listen to my story. They were both very enthusiastic about all they have seen and heard. One of them has even written about it in her blog Tumbles into Wonderland. Of course it is in Dutch.... so most of you will not be able to read it, but you can see the pictures if you want.

Weaving, embroidery and a new page at Facebook
25-03-2017  18:41

This week I have found a new challenge in the group TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) at Facebook. The challenge is to play with just one embroidery stitch. Each week a new stitch is added. Now already 77 stitches are listed... The stitches can be found at the website of Pin Tangle.

I am joining this challenge, because I like it to play like this and because I want to have a reference work for my stitches, which I can use whenever I need to use a certain stitch. 

For my small embroidery samples I am weaving small squares with my small Hazel Rose loom.

I also made a new page at Facebook: Sprangria. At this page I am sharing my sprang works in combination with other techniques. I will also use the name Sprangria to publish video's of sprang at You Tube. I still have to work at this, but I hope to be able to publish my first video soon.

Weaving, sprang and a little bit embroidery
18-03-2017  21:11

Most of the week I have spend weaving, in combination with sprang. Weaving is a technique with a lot of possibilities, which I would like to use for the project Feathers and dragons. Especially weaving in combination with other techniques, like sprang.... 

I did not do a lot of weaving in the past, so I think it is time now to really study the possibilities of weaving. 

I also have embroidered a little at the golden keywords. It is not much, but every little bit counts, isn't it?!

Learning, experimenting and continuing
11-03-2017  20:18

The picture books for people with dementia are finished and I am back to my normal work with textile.

I have done a lot of sprang in the last week, finishing a part of the sprangs I had set up for the Come and Try day. While doing this my hubby has filmed me doing sprang. That is very new to us. So I still have to learn how to edit a video.... I have been working at this last week, but I am not finished yet. It will take some time before the videos will be ready to post at You Tube.

I also made again a small wallhanging with a base of sprang. I even used some tatting for this one. You can find a picture of it at Ravelry. I also finished a double sprang with birds. I hope to use this design again in a sprang for Feathers and dragons, but then it will be a bit different. The small double sprang with birds has become a vessel. At Ravelry there is also a picture of this one.

Today I started embroidering the golden key words again. Still a lot of work. To be continued...


Demonstrating sprang and other things
01-03-2017  11:19

Last Saturday I have been demonstrating sprang at the Come and try day in Zutphen, the Netherlands. It was nice to meet several people who were interested in my work. I also had the opportunity to see a demonstration of tabletweaving and I even could try it. I still do not know if this is a technique that I will be using in my work, but it was nice to try it. Maybe this will get a follow up for me, maybe not...

I still have not had much time to do my regular work for Feathers and dragons and also at the moment I do not have much time for it. I am busy making picture books with flowers and animals for people with dementia. So my next update at this website will probably be late again....

Just more sprang and a little sprang bird
18-02-2017  18:04

This week also was a week of much experimenting and a lot of sprang. I have experimented with very extraordinary materials, such as paper yarn and wicker.

I also combined sprang with working with the "locker hook". I have written about it at my other website, with freeform sprang.

I also made a small bird of some small samples of sprang my hubby made, a long time ago. You can find a picture of the bird at this page at Ravelry.

Sprang and more sprang
10-02-2017  17:36

This week I have done a lot of sprang and almost nothing for Feathers and dragons.

Soon I will demonstrate the technique of sprang again - so this needs some preparation. I am also studying the technique of sprang a bit more in depth - there is always something more to learn...  It is worth to invest some time in it - so later I will be able to use it for Feathers and dragons also.

Key words, sprang and rope sculptures
02-02-2017  19:56

Last week I have continued embroidering key words. I made a very long one: Vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid, which means freedom and responsibility. To me these words belong together...

I also did some more sprang, emptying my sprang frames. I will have to start some new sprangs for demonstration purpose soon.

With much fun I have worked at a small project in between... It is inspired by the beautiful work of Judy Tadman and a tutorial of her at You Tube: How to make a rope sculpture.

You can see my very small 'sculpture" here at Ravelry. Of course I had to add a little sprang. I think it is the tiniest sprang I have ever made...

26-01-2017  10:58

I have started to embroider the key words. The first 3 words are embroidered now:

1. Geduld             - patience

2. Dankbaarheid  - thankfulness

3. Wijsheid.          - wisdom

Many words have to follow.... In total I need 13 key words. Some of them are also not really one word, but more words for example "vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid" which means freedom and responsibility. So I will be busy with it for some time.

Key words
19-01-2017  12:33

Some time ago I wrote about some beautiful old fashioned keys I had found at the thrift store. Jan (my husband) has painted them in gold color. Those keys should become attached to the "golden key words".

Before I can do that I needed to think about the key words. I have done that now. So now I know the key words, I can start to embroider them with small beads in a gold color. That will be a lot of work. I hope to start with that soon, but I am also still working at some sprang experiments, because I will demonstrate sprang again at a "Come and try" day.

Fairytale within the fairytale
12-01-2017  11:00

The writing of the fairytale within the fairytale is ready and I am happy about it.

Now I continue writing at the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. Still a big part of my day is filed with writing and thinking about the fairytale. Until now I did not start with my normal work for Feathers and dragons again, but I did a small and funny crochet project, working with the pattern of the Inner Beast. I only used this pattern as a starting point. When I had made the body with one leg I started playing, turning it around. So the body became a head and the leg a neck..... The rest was freeformed - adding a hat of a sprang flower and some black scrumbles for the bottom part.

You can see a picture of this fun project at my projectpage for this at Ravelry.

Start of the new year
03-01-2017  20:10

A new year with new adventures, new challenges, new chances has begun! I want to wish all of you all the best for this new year: Happy new year to you!

The year started for me as last year ended: With a lot of writing. I have added lots of pages to my fairytale within the fairytale and I am enjoying it. There has been a lot of progress. I even hope that I will be able to finish the fairytale within the fairytale soon. Then I will go back to writing at the original fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. 

At the end of last year our computer crashed and I lost a lot of data, including almost all of my pictures. Luckily I did not loose my fairytale and a lot of pictures can be uploaded again from my page at Facebook and my websites.... But it will cost a lot of time... So I expect that I will not have much creative time in the upcoming weeks, except for the time I will reserve for writing at my fairytale.

December break
14-12-2016  08:36

It is almost Christmas - so it is time for my December break now. This means that I will not update this website and my page at Facebook for a certain time. I need some quiet time now - time to reflect and time to write at the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon.

I also want to save some time for new experments in sprang and other techniques. You can find some new pictures of my recent experiment in double patterned sprang at my projectpage for this at Ravelry.

I hope to be back here in January and for now I want to wish all of you a



Crocheting and writing at the fairytale
07-12-2016  20:25

My week has been filled with crocheting and writing at the fairytale.

I am still crocheting XXL yarn for sprang. I have already done a lot, but it is still not enough to start my sprang. So I will continue crocheting.

I have also been writing at my fairytale again. I am now writing the fairytale within the fairytale. It will be about a prince and a princess. Will not tell you more about it yet, but I hope I can continue writing at this fairytale in the next weeks. 

Experiment succeeded
30-11-2016  08:51

My third experiment in patterned sprang with leaves has finally succeeded. At my page for this project at Ravelry I have added a new picture.

So now I am ready to start the real work.... I want to make a patterned sprang with leaves in the colours vermillion and burnt sienna. But.... I could not find a yarn suitable for sprang in the right colours. So I decided to combine several yarns to get the right colours. I will use crochet chain stitches to do this. So I am not ready to start the sprang yet... And I will end up with a much more bulky yarn than the yarn of my experiment. But... that is also fun. It will become completely different and will be a new experiment....

More experiments in patterned sprang
23-11-2016  07:28

The result of my experiment in patterned double sprang of last week is better than the one before, but it is still not exactly what I had in mind.... So I already started a new one again.....

If you are want to see the results of my struggle with patterned sprang, go to my project page about all of this at Ravelry.

16-11-2016  08:24

The experiment of last week was no success.... It just did not meet my expectations. But of course it is all in the game....It is the risk of the experiment.

Many times I get great and unexpected results by experimenting,  but sometimes it just does not work out...  Giving up is not an option to me, so I will try again to get the results that I want. And maybe I will be able to use my failed experiment in another way! To be continued....

09-11-2016  08:55

This week I have been preparing my next project for Feathers and dragons. I went to the shop to buy some yarn for it, but could not find the right colors. I still have bought some yarn and now will have to combine more yarns together to get the effectI want. It will be a lot more work, but perhaps it will also make it more interesting... We will see.... 

I also have done some new experiments in making patterns in sprang in 2 different ways: with double sprang and with a background of holes. I think I will choose for the background with holes for my next project. But before I can start the actual work,  I will have to do one or more experiments....

Time to study
02-11-2016  08:10

I decided that it was time to study again.... And so I started to study the possiblilities of patterned double sprang. I do not know yet if I can use this for the idea I have in mind, but for now I am having fun experimenting with it

To be continued....

26-10-2016  08:54

My big black bird is finished and it is.... a raven. He plays an important role in the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. I was already asked if he was a good guy or a bad guy... and I can assure you that he is a very good guy. He is wise and strong - so he may be a good help for the other birds.

Raven - made for the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon

Almost done
19-10-2016  08:10

The work at the big black bird is almost done, or at least I think it is almost done...  I have made the legs and feet and now I have started to join all the different parts together. After this I will have a look to see if I still need to do some finishing touches.... Sometimes these finishing touches are a bit more than just finishing touches.... We will see...  I hope to be able to show you the finished bird next week.

12-10-2016  08:49

There is some progress again: Wings, tail and body of my big black bird are almost ready, although not attached to each other. Making legs for this bird was not as easy as I thought. It was very difficult to get the wire through the already stuffed body, but with some help of my dear hubby it succeeded. I still have to clothe the wire and form the legs, but I think that will not be a problem. There are again some new pictures of the progress at Ravelry.

05-10-2016  08:34

Sometimes something happens which changes all your plans. Last week was such a week for me. Because of the decreasing health of my mother, I decided I wanted to make her something to enjoy. My mother really enjoys flowers, so a Facebook friend came with the idea to make her a flower book and so I did.

Making the book was a lot of work, but it was worth it. It became a beautiful book and my mother is happy with it.

So this means I have not done much this week for Feathers and dragons, but now the book is finished, I will continue this project again. 

New tutorial about picot knitting
28-09-2016  08:02

I have added a new tutorial to this site - it is a picot knitting lesson. I am using picot knitting a lot at the moment. There are lots of possibilities with it in freeform knitting. You can find a PDF of the picot knitting lesson at the page of the tutorials.

The tail is ready
21-09-2016  08:49

The tail of my big black bird is ready now. So now I am continuing the work at the wings. Because the wings are really big and need to be covered at both sides - there is still a lot of work to do.

In the Dutch magazine Vezel of september there is an article I have written about freeform sprang. I am happy with it. However most of you will not be able to read this. But if you are interested in freeform sprang, you can go to my other website, about freeform sprang. There is a lot of information there about freeforming in sprang, but also some links how to start with sprang.

Sprang, knitting, crochet
14-09-2016  08:39

Still working at the big black bird.... Making feathers in sprang, knitting and crochet, all in combination with small pieces of lace fabric. The small book "Piccolienbreien" was a happy find at the thrift store, some time ago. It has inspired me to use this technique in my own way in knitting, crochet and sprang.

I have written a little about it at my website about freeform sprang. There are also some more pictures of the plumage I am making for the big black bird at Ravelry now.

Gold keys
07-09-2016  09:35

For my fairytale I need 12 gold keys, so I was looking for beautiful old keys. I only had 2 myself, which I had inherited from an aunt. So my husband and I were asking neighbors, friends and family for keys. One of my neighbors said we should ask for it at the thrift store.  And bingo!!! There was a whole basket of keys there. I got the keys I needed for only € 1,--, so I was very happy. Jan has painted them already, so now I have my gold keys.

Repeating myself?
31-08-2016  19:34

This week I have again studied very hard at understanding all the wisdom that is hidden in fairytales. Reading books, more books and still more books....

I have also added to the scrumbles I am making for the large black bird. It may sound like a repeating process, but in fact no scrumble is the same as another one. Variation is the key word to me: Even some small variations make the work more interesting to see and to do.

Working in black
24-08-2016  08:03

Again I am working in black, but this time I am making a large bird, not just a coat. The large bird in black will be part of the fairytale. Maybe you can already guess what kind of large black bird (with a small touch of blue) it will be. Because it will be a large bird I will need a lot of black feathery like scrumbles like this.

Two birds in black coats
17-08-2016  08:20

Still most of my time is filled with studying fairytales. So this means that not much time is left to work at making all the things needed for the fairytale in textile.  So this is a slow process at the moment.

Nevertheless I can show you a picture of the finished black coat for the second bird which needs such a coat in the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. You can find pictures of both birds wearing there black coats here.


Time to study
03-08-2016  08:24

I have taken some time to study now. I am reading many fairytales and books about the fairytale world and -language now. I need to do this to be able to continue writing my fairytale book about "the frightened little bird and the dragon".

In between this I am trying to work a little at making a second black coat for another bird in the fairytale. But this work has slowed down now, so therefore I have little to show you here. So next week I will not update this website.

Hiding for the dragon
27-07-2016  07:37

The first black coat for a bird is ready. One more to go. This coat is meant to hide for the dragon - if he ever sees this, he should not recognize the bird wearing this coat.

I think I have succeeded in this, but at this page at Ravelry you can see it yourself.

Black feathers
20-07-2016  08:46

In the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon, the weaver bird has to make black coats for 2 of the birds. So I need black feathers. I got some help from my husband for this: He has made me some feathers with the sewing machine. I also have made different feathers using hairpin lace and crochet.

To be continued....

Throne and crown
13-07-2016  08:27

Both the throne and the crown for the queen of a day are finished! So I am very happy to show you both at my project page for this at Ravelry.


Some progress with the throne
06-07-2016  08:09

Last week there was again some progress in the making of the throne. I now have started to connect all the bits and pieces. At my project page Queen for a day at Ravelry you can see some pictures.

experimenting with sprang and more
29-06-2016  08:02

Last week I have worked at the throne, written a bit at the fairytale and experimented with sprang and knitting.

I am most excited about the experiment I did with a combination of intertwined and interlinked sprang. I think I can use this to make a larger piece in different colors later. 

experiment with intertwined and interlinked sprang

Queen for a day
22-06-2016  09:40

Today I made a project page at Ravelry for the throne I am making for the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. The page is called "queen for a day". At this page you can find pictures of the work in progress.

Back again
15-06-2016  08:08

I am back to start working at Feathers and dragons again... I will start where I stopped - so that is the work at the throne that is needed in the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. More about this next week.

01-06-2016  07:18

No news about Feathers and dragons this week. I am needed somewhere else for some time. No need to worry - I am fine and I hope to be back here in 1 or 2 weeks.

Fairytale talk
25-05-2016  08:56

Now the fairytale screen is ready it is time to work at the fairytale itself again and creating everything that is needed in textile for it. 

I have again written a small part of the fairytale story, which is very exciting to do. 

The process of creating everything of the fairytale is far behind of the writing, but at least I know what I can do...... At this moment I am working at the throne, which I already mentioned earlier.


Fairytale screen pictures
18-05-2016  08:43

The fairytale screen is ready and I am very happy with it. Last week I have done the picture work; so now you finally can see it in all its glory.

You can find more pictures of the screen at Pinterest

Fairytale screen

Back to Feathers and dragons
11-05-2016  08:01

This week I started to work at my project Feathers and dragons again. At the moment I am working at a throne which is needed in the story of the frightened little bird and the dragon. I am using my Lucet and sprang for this and probably  will use a lot of other techniques too. A dolls chair from the thrift store forms the base for the throne.

I have also written at the fairytale book of the frightened little bird and the dragon again. The story is growing and gradually I am working towards the final adventure with the dragon....

Next week I hope to be able to show you some pictures again. To be continued....

04-05-2016  08:25

This week no news about this project.... I have taken a week just for me, to work at a refashion project for myself. Curieus? Have a look here at Ravelry. Although this is "just for me" there is still some link to this project.... Birds are appearing, also in this project....

Tutorial added to this site
27-04-2016  20:06

The tutorial about making mesh with a Lucet is ready now and added to this webiste. You can find it at this page.

Experimenting with a Lucet
20-04-2016  08:22

I have made more leaves this week, but I also have been experimenting with the Lucet.

In the group Luceteers at Facebook Kim Salazar came with the idea to make mesh with a Lucet. I had to try it and found out how to do it. I am very excited about it, because this gives lots of new possibilities. This week I will work at a tutorial with step by step pictures for this.

More leaves
13-04-2016  08:11

Still working at making more leaves......  But I have also made a new picture with the nest of the weaver bird hanging at the branch with leaves. You can find that picture here.

Adding leaves to the branch
06-04-2016  08:16

The branch hanging nest of the weaver bird is hanging, but I am still working at the branch. The past week I have been adding leaves and I will continue this work in the next week.

A preview of the nest of the weaver can be seen at Ravelry.

The nest is ready, the branch not yet
30-03-2016  09:48

The nest of the weaver bird is ready now (no picture yet). Now I am working at the branch, which is needed to hang the nest of the weaver....

I made the branch itself in sprang, quite a time ago, but now I am making leaves to it, using the technique of Margaretenspitze again and the book Margaretenspitze, written by Heike Becker. There is a picture of the leaves I have already made at Ravelry.

Final touches
23-03-2016  11:02

The nest of the weaver is almost finished now. It is shaped, outside and inside are  attached to each other and cords are woven through the holes in the sprang. Now I still have to do some final touches and then I will have to find out how I will hang the nest to a (fabric) branch. To be continued.

More sprang....
16-03-2016  07:31

Not much news to tell this week.... Just more sprang for the nest of the weaver. I am making sprang for the inside and the outside of the nest. It is a lot of work, but there is some progress. 

sprang for the nest of the weaver
09-03-2016  08:07

This week I started working at the base of the nest of the weaver. The base will be made with sprang. Through the holes in the sprang I will weave with the other materials.... 

I just added a picture of the sprang for the nest of the weaver to my project page at Ravelry.


Preparing for the nest of the weaver
02-03-2016  08:45

This week I was still preparing for the nest of the weaver. The weaver has a very special nest and there are a lot of materials needed for it..... I have had some help of my husband.

Here you can find a picture of some of the materials for the nest - most of them made by my husband.

Interview about freeform sprang
24-02-2016  08:27

Last week I totally forgot to mention here the interview that I had about freeform sprang. You can find the interview at the interesting website of Sylva Antony Cekalová. If it appears in Czech, just click at the British flag at the right of the page for the translation.

I am very happy with this interview and the pictures of my work she has published with it.

This week I have been busy preparing the building of the nest of the weaver bird. I hope to tell you more about this next week.

17-02-2016  09:12

Yesterday I added a nightingale to my folding screen. You can find a picture of this bird at my page for the folding screen at Ravelry.

The magical fairytale world at the bottom of the folding screen
10-02-2016  08:27

Yes! I have managed to finish the bottom part of the folding screen. It has become a very magical fairytale world - just as I wanted it to be.

Here is just a picture of it. More pictures can be seen at this page at Ravelry.

the fairytale world of Feathers and dragons

Undergrowth of the folding screen
03-02-2016  08:44

This week I have been working again at the underside of the folding screen, making some more undergrowth....  This undergrowth with the mushrooms will be all around the screen, Not quite there yet, but a lot of progress already.

A picture of the fairytale world at the bottom of the screen you can see at my project page for the folding screen at Ravelry.(Click at the picture to enlarge).

Back to the folding screen
27-01-2016  08:45

The past week I have been working at the bottom part of the folding screen, covering the bottom wooden part of it and stitching together everything I had saved for being at the bottom of the screen, including many mushrooms....

There is definitely some progress, but I am still not there - so I also will have to make and add more sprang. No picture yet - maybe next week....

Writing the fairytale and cyber safety
19-01-2016  09:24

This week I have not been very active with my yarns and fibers, but .... I have written quite a lot at the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon.

I have added some new characters to it. One of them is Julia, a very bright colorful bird. I made this bird already some time ago, but I have taken new pictures now.

Julia and the frightened little bird


A few weeks ago I also added a new link about cyber safety to the page links bullying.


New brave birds
13-01-2016  09:07

Since last Christmas I have been writing a lot at the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. The frightened little bird from the beginning of the story had already changed into a brave little bird, but because of everything she has gone through, now she has changed again. So this means I had to make a new bigger and a little brighter brave bird.

The other frightened little bird is also becoming a brave bird during the course of the story. So this was another brave bird to make.

Both birds are ready now and can be seen here.

Celebrating 500 likes with a free pattern
06-01-2016  09:19

At the last day of 2015 the Feathers and dragons page at Facebook reached 500 likes. 

To celebrate this I have published a free pattern of a crocheted fly agaric mushroom at this website.

Christmas wish
23-12-2015  09:50

It is almost Christmas now, so it is time for my Christmas wish to you.

I hope your Christmas time will be wonderful. Next week I will not update my website. I am taking some time off. Not that I will not be creative... but I will focus my creativity at other things.... I hope to be back here at January 6.

For now I am wishing all of you 

Merry Christmas


A place for the weaver bird
16-12-2015  07:40

The weaver bird is still waiting for his nest... It will be build at a branch, in front of the folding screen. This will still take some time, because I want to finish the folding screen first. But this week he suddenly flew over to the folding screen and there he has found an excellent place to sit at a branch..... You can see the picture at the project page for this bird at Ravelry.

Folding screen (continued)
10-12-2015  10:54

I am a day later with my update.... to be honest: I complete forgot to do it yesterday...

This week I have continued the work at the folding screen, although you can not see it in the folding screen itself. I have been working at making the sprang branch which is needed to weave through the holes in the screen.

It was a sunny day yesterday - so I took the opportunity to take another more detailed picture of a part of the folding screen. Here it is....

Folding screen with sprang - detail


An inspiring meeting
02-12-2015  10:32

Last Friday I had a very inspiring meeting. Carol James and Ria Luiten came to visit me in the ever growing fairytale wood. For those of you who do not know Carol James - she is well known in the world of sprang. She has written the book Sprang Unsprung, she teaches sprang and she has made the most wonderful replica's of Museum pieces of sprang. You can see some of this at her website.

At a different page at the same website and at You Tube you can also find her instruction films of sprang.

About a year ago Carol and I have met for the first time. I was introduced to her by her friend Ria. I have met Ria for the first time several years ago, when we had our first lessons in sprang from Fenny Nijman. Meeting Carol is always a joy. She is a very lovely person and her work is very inspiring. 

Just before Carol and Ria arrived I was able to stitch most of my pieces of sprang in the folding screen. Seeing it all stitched into the frame is quite impressive - when the sprang is stretched out in a frame or a screen it looks quite different and it shows its beautiful lace character.  I am quite happy with it. 

Yet the folding screen is far from finished. I still have to fill in some too big holes and I also will have to do the bottom part. And then it will be time to make the nest of the weaver bird. This nest will be hanging in front of the screen, at a (sprang) branche.

sprang folding screen (in combination with other techniques)

Going fast
25-11-2015  08:38

I have really done a lot in the past week. I have finished multiple sprangs, with knitting, crocheting, etc. Almost all my sprang frames are empty again now...

I also started sewing together the different pieces of sprang, preparing them for my folding screen. I hope to show you a picture of my work in progress next week, if there will be enough light to make a good picture..... 

A week filled with sprang again
18-11-2015  09:17

This week was again almost totally filled with sprang. Saturday I  did the demonstration of sprang in Lelystad. It was a good experience. Some people were really very interested in learning this technique. 

I had taken a lot of sprang in progress with me to demonstrate the technique and my own way of freeforming with it. I even did some sprang in the train, at my way to Lelystad. For this I had made a cardboard frame. The idea for this is from Franco Rios, see this link.

Now I am busy to finish all the sprang I had started for the demo in Lelystad. You can see some of this work at my new website for freeform sprang.

All about sprang
11-11-2015  08:16

Last week was almost all about sprang. I am preparing for a demonstration of sprang I will give in Lelystad, next Saturday. My husband has made me new frames for sprang and I have already filled most of them with a new sprang to start.... This way I can show as many as possible in a short time. I have also prepared one of the new sprangs with very thick yarn. I have crocheted around XL ribbon yarn with different (green) yarns. 

And yesterday I started a new website for freeform sprang. It is still far from ready, but there is a beginning....

More freeform sprang
04-11-2015  09:27

The upright part of the folding screen is finished now. So I was excited to see how all my pieces of sprang (in combination with other techniques) would fit in and if it would be (almost) enough to fill the screen. Yes, it is becoming like I want it to be, but no..... it is still not enough.... So I started making new pieces of freeform sprang again....

The upright part of the folding screen
28-10-2015  13:29

Still making sprang for the upright part of the folding screen..... It is almost finished now. I hope to finish it this week. When I have done so the fun part can begin! I have already lots of pieces of sprang/weaving/knitting/crocheting waiting to be put into the screen! At the moment I do not know if it will be enough or almost enough, but soon we will know!

Sprang again
21-10-2015  08:43

This week I was working at my sprang again. Gradually the wooden upright part of the folding screen becomes less visible, because of the sprang around it. Still it is a lot of work. I am alternating this work with some weaving experiments, which are fun to do. At Facebook I have put a picture of my experimental weaving.

A little vacation
15-10-2015  08:58

This week I have taken some time off to recycle some of my clothes. Old clothes become new clothes again this way. While working at the art project Feathers and dragons I have changed a lot. As you might have noticed my birds became more playful and wild. So now it is also time to change my clothes, so that they fit more with how I am right now. You can see some pictures of this at Ravelry.

07-10-2015  08:59

Some time ago Femke Kloppenburg was here for a day Feathers and dragons. It was a very lovely day for both of us. She brought me a very artistic contribution to the project. I like it very much. Recently I have made a bird from this. It has become a very playful bird. You can have a look at it at Ravelry.

Weaving, sprang, needlelace and crochet
30-09-2015  07:24

Cleaning up the house I discover all kind of things I have gathered for weaving. Some I have never used. So now it is time to try them and see what I can do with them (or not). And so I started weaving at a round loom and a very small loom with nails. But soon I also added other techniques to it as sprang, needlelace and crochet. This is fun to do! More experiments will follow..... You can find pictures of it at Ravelry.

In between - a little bird
23-09-2015  08:42

The past week I have worked at sprang for the folding screen, but I also found some time to make a new little bird.

The base of this very small bird is a swap (a creative exchange) I did with Donna Walker. We have made several small samples for each other some time ago. One of the beautiful samples Donna made me could easily be transformed into a wing of a small bird. And so I did. For the tail I used a sample I had made myself of Margaretenspitze. I am very happy with the results. You can see pictures of this at Ravelry.

Back on track
16-09-2015  09:18

I feel happy and grateful. After a long difficult time for me, with a lot of pain, short nights because of the pain and a lot of tiredness I am now feeling better.

Although it will still take some more time before my arm and shoulder are comletely healed,  I have less pain now, can sleep a little better and I feel so much better! I can ride my bike again and go to the woods. I can do more and I can crochet again! So that is very good news, also for this project. With more energy and enthusiasm I will continue working. At the moment I am working at the folding screen.

A year at Facebook and more sprang
09-09-2015  07:03

Last week we celebrated 1 year Feathers and dragons at Facebook. The page is public; so you can see the page, even if you are not participating in Facebook.

This week was filled with sprang again - I am spranging a lot now to fill the second folding screen with sprang. I also started to put sprang around the wooden upright part of the folding screen again. Still a lot of work to do, but there is some real progress now. Pictures of it at Ravelry.

Knitting fork and sprang
03-09-2015  11:43

I am late to update this week, but here I am....
Last week I have been experimenting with working with the knitting fork. I did not know that there are so many possibilities with this simple tool, till I found the group Luceteers at Facebook. So now I am learning and experimenting with the knitting fork.... I am already combining it with sprang. Working in green, because I want to use this for my folding screen.

Weaver bird
26-08-2015  08:19

Yesterday I finished the weaver bird - so another bird of my fairytale is finished now. I still have to make his nest.  Before I can do this a lot of work at the folding screen has to be done first, because the nest will be within the folding screen. So that will be the next thing for me to work on.

Pictures of the weaver bird can be found at Ravelry.

A lot of sprang
19-08-2015  08:23

This week was mainly filled with sprang. I did some new experiments and finished a work that was at my freeform frame for quite a long time. All or at least most of these experiments will be used in my new folding screen. It is a lot of work to fill most of the screen with sprang, but it is fun to do.

Thinking about the nest of the weaver bird, I thought it would be nice to reserve a space for his nest in the new folding screen. I think he will be right at home there. My husband is making all kinds of different cords now for this nest.

Because I was mainly focused at sprang this week I did not work a lot at the weaver bird. Maybe next week....

I have put some of my new experiments with sprang at Pinterest. 


Weaver bird, sprang and a day Feathers and dragons
12-08-2015  07:31

The weaver bird is on its way. But in between I am also doing some sprang for the second folding screen. And today it will be the second day that I can welcome someone for a day "Feathers and dragons". I am sure it will be a happy and inspiring day for both of us. 

The person who was here the first day was very enthusiasic about my sprang and the possibilities to use sprang in freeform. The day after she was here she bought all the things she needed and then she started spranging and.... she also started a new group Sprang at Facebook. This group now already has over 60 memberes in just 2 weeks time. Very inspiring!

The 7th gold bird
05-08-2015  08:24

The 7th gold bird is also ready now. You can find pictures of this bird at Ravelry.

Now I will work at the next bird, which will be a weaver bird.

New colorful gold bird
29-07-2015  08:23

The first of the 2 more gold birds I wanted to make is ready now. He/she is a bit more colorful than the others. You can find a picture here.


Gold birds
22-07-2015  07:53

I am working at 2 more gold birds now. I already made lots of feathers for them and now I am preparing the first basic bird form for one of them. The process of making these birds can be followed at Ravelry.

A day Feathers and dragons
15-07-2015  08:05

This week I decided to make it possible to do a day "Feathers and dragons". If anyone wants to see everything I made for this art project - that is possible - just make an appointment by contacting me through the contact page. I am aware of the fact that most of you are just too far away for this. But you never know, maybe some of you will visit the Netherlands some day... and this would be a nice opportunity to meet you. 

A day Feathers and dragons is a day of being in the fairytale forest in my living room. I give a tour through the forest and I can also tell a little about the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. But it is also possible to show you different techniques and teach you something you want to learn from me. 

In return I am asking for a little bit of help with my project, if that is possible for you. That could be some knitting or crocheting for the second folding screen (or other things I can not do or only do for a limited time because of my shoulder problem).

Not much to tell
08-07-2015  07:13

In the past week I have not been very active with this project, at least not in making new things. But I have written again a little part of the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. 

Mister peacock is in the fairytale now. So now the fairytale is as far as I am in making everything that is needed for the fairytale. Now again I will have to create some new birds for the fairytale -  I will start with two more goldbirds....

New bird
01-07-2015  07:09

A new bird is born! Pictures can be found at Ravelry.

The peacock and other birds of Feathers and dragons can also be found at Pinterest now.  

Some of you might have noticed that there are less pages visible at the website now.  In fact all the pages are still there, but I have created some subpages.

The peacock is ready!!!
24-06-2015  06:43

I am so happy to announce you that the peacock is ready!  It has been a lot of work, but it was worth it!!!

I have made a subpage for mister peacock here.

Mister peacock again
17-06-2015  07:47

I worked at the body of the peacock. The wings are attached to it now and the tuft is at the head. I have put again a new picture of the peacock in progress at Ravelry.

I also finished the top for myself. I am very happy with it. Pictures at this page at Ravelry.

10-06-2015  06:19

I have put a new picture of the peacock in progress at Ravelry this week. I also finished another 7 feathers; so now there are already 107 feathers for the peacock. But I decided I still need at least 7 more feathers……

100 Feathers and more….
03-06-2015  06:19

Until now I have made 100 feathers for the peacock, But I am still making more….. Very slowly the number of feathers for the peacock is growing. Because I want to take care of my arm and shoulder I rotate between different techniques and projects. At the moment I am also working at some other projects, just for me…. If you are curious about this you can visit my page Paisley fun at Ravelry. 

Dressing the peacock
27-05-2015  07:16

The body of the peacock is made of fabric; the head and beak are knitted. But you will hardly see anything of this, because both the body and the head will be covered with scrumbles. For this I make scrumbles with buttonhole stitch and knotted buttonhole stitch over a loosely woven blue fabric in which I can easily make holes. To cover the head I make buttonhole circles, using a special wooden tool my father has once made for me. 

At Ravelry there are some pictures of this. More to follow....

And again.... more feathers
20-05-2015  07:46

It was an illusion to think that the feathers of the peacock are almost ready.... Making the peacock I realized that the body of the peacock has to be proportionate to the frightened little bird / the brave bird. So that means that it should be bigger than I originally thought. This also means: More feathers have to be made!!!!

A journey of discovery
13-05-2015  08:05

It is again time to make some samples, trying different techniques and materials and just playing with it. And then looking for a way of translating it to this project....

Now the peacock feathers are almost finished, I have to find another way to conitinue working at the peacock and this project in general. I still have to take care of my arm and shoulder, which seems to limit my possibilities. I can not do the things in the way I was used to do them. But somehow this limitation also increases my possibilities. I discover new things, I might not have discovered when this limitation would not have been there. I just have to be more creative now! And so I am again at a jorney of discovery. You can see a little of this journey here, at Pinterest.

The peacock
06-05-2015  09:37

The peacock still has to be made, but the fan of feathers is almost complete now. Almost, because I probably will have to add still a few more feathers to the sides, so that the fan can rest upon the underground.

feathers of the fairytale peacock

Playing with new materials
29-04-2015  07:47

Last week I got some beautiful new materials to play with. Someone has brought me a whole lot of wool and other yarns. All these beautiful materials were challenging me to make something new.

I was inspired by the book Stitch and Structure from Jean Draper to play with buttonhole stitch and knotted buttonhole stitch. I used a lace window curtaining fabric for the base. This resulted in a new nest in my series of nests. You can find a picture of it here.

Next round
22-04-2015  07:19

I have been working at the next half round of feathers for the peacock. This round is still not completed yet, but you can see my work in progress at a new picture at Ravelry.

15-04-2015  08:04

I think I am probably halfway now, in making the tail for the peacock. I have added a new photo of my work in progress at Ravelry.

This week I also needed some time to play again. My inner child really needs playing now and then! My adult self sometimes tends to forget the importance of playing..... Playing really is important to me. It increases the joy of making something and it helps to discover new things. So this week I was playing with a knitted picot fringe of which I had found a pattern. And I discovered lots of possibilities in it to freeform! Probably I can also use this in making the wings of the peacock. But first I will have to play a bit more, just making samples I can use later on.

More peacock
08-04-2015  08:30

This week I have worked a little more at the peacock. I still have to make some more feathers, but I have also started joining feathers. For this I first take the shortest ones and spread thim out into a half circle. Then I take them, one at a time, and wrap them with eyelash yarn to look even more feather-like. After this I start joining them. I am now working at the third half circle of feathers. You can see a picture of the first 2 half circles of feathers at Ravelry.

Feathers for the peacock
01-04-2015  09:05

This week I could make some more feathers for the peacock. I have made already more than 50 now..... It will be a big challenge to me to put them all together in a beautiful tail, but I think I will somehow manage! There is a picture of some feathers of the peacock at my project page at Ravelry.

25-03-2015  09:15

I continue working at this project, even if it is not as fast as it used to be. I still need a lot of time to rest and I do not crochet or sprang at the moment, but.... I can make feathers for the peacock! And so I do. I will need a lot of them - so that will take some time! But I am so glad I can do this.

I also have send out the newsletters this week. If you did not receive it, but would have liked to receive one, please let me know. You can contact me here.

The little snail
18-03-2015  07:11

My whole life I have tried to change the snail within me into a hare. That did not work out very well.... So now it is time to fully accept the snail within myself.....

I made this little snail about a year ago, during a short workshop.


little snail

Slow motion
11-03-2015  08:10

Because of post traumatic dystrophy in my arm and shoulder everything in this project is in slow motion now.... My working days are short, I need a lot of rest and there are a lot of things I can better not do at the moment. But I am glad I can still do something. 

Little bird in Margaretenspitze
04-03-2015  07:56

Since I started with Margaretenspitze, I was looking forward to be able to freeform with this technique. Although I still not always know exactly what I do, I am on my way to find more freedom... Last week I succeeded in making a small bird in Margaretenspitze. I started with a spiral pattern in the book, but then I started freeforming and manipulating.... The bird can be seen at my page Birds, birds, birds... at Ravelry. Clicking at the picture will enlarge it. It is even possible to further enlarge it, by choosing the option full screen.

Results in Margaretenspitze
25-02-2015  08:05

I am very glad for getting some results in Margaretenspitze. Just doing all the exercises in the books has brought me so far. Still I can not use Margaretenspitze exactly the way that I want to, but..... I am definitely on my way and very happy with the branch of leaves I made last week.

Margaretenspitze leaves


A new bird is born
18-02-2015  07:04

Bird and nest, made for art project Feathers and Dragons

I have used some of the yarn from the anonymous donor to make a new bird. Actually I had already finished this bird last week, but I was not quite satisfied with the eyes. So I have given this bird new eyes, before making a picture. In the tail I have used some exercises I have made earlier in tatting and needle-tatting.

More Margaretenspitze
11-02-2015  07:38

I still have post traumatic dystrophy. Because of this, sprang and crocheting are difficult to do at the moment. It causes too much pain. But.... I am SO HAPPY that I have discovered Margaretenspitze! Most of the time I am able to do Margaretenspitze without extra pain. So I am using this time now to learn all the different possibilities of this technique. Until now I still just follow the instructions in the book. But the time will come that I will be able to experiment with this wonderful technique and use it in this project!

A week full of surprises
04-02-2015  09:33

This week is a week packed with pleasant surprises to me! On Monday I go out and find a big plastic bag full of yarn in front of my door! I have no idea who has given this to me, but I am very happy with it. Thanks to the anonymous donor!

The next 2 surprises come both from Julia from Dada Neon Crochet. She has nominated me this week to take part in the Art Challenge at Facebook. This means to post 3 pictures of my work each day, for 5 days long and nominating another artist I admire each day. I am happy with this challenge. It is a good opportunity to tell the story of this project in another way. I invite you to read this story I will tell in the next days, in words and pictures at my page (you can do this even if you are not logged in at Facebook).

Julia has also named me at her blog Dada Neon Crochet, showing the picture of my bird Julia. So that was the third surprise this week. So I am enjoying this week and I hope you enjoy your week too!

Margaretenspitze (Margaret's lace)
28-01-2015  08:44

Till some time ago I had never heard of it or noticed it, but now I am trying to learn it: Margaretenspitze. It is related to macramé, but not quite the same. Margarete Naumann has developed this technique about 100 years ago. If you are interested in it, you can read more about it at this website. Of course it takes some time to learn the technique in such a way that I can use it in this project. But I am taking this time now, because I think it might be well rewarding.

So happy I can read German, because I use the book "Einführung in die Margaretenspitze" to learn the technique. Just exercising, exercising, exercising.....

Birds, birds, birds
21-01-2015  07:42

This week I had much fun making new birds for several of my nests that were still empty. I have added pictures of my new birds to the project page Birds, birds, birds... at Ravelry. As you may notice, some of my new birds are rather wild and bold! Probably this says something about me! LOL.

Here is another picture of the most wild and bold bird I have made this week.

Bold and wild bird for art project about bullying

New birds and tatting
14-01-2015  08:34

This week I have done some more experiments in tatting. So the pile of tatting exercises in thread is growing. I imagine what to do with all these experiments. I see wings and tails of birds in it....

There are still a lot of empty nests in my large collection of nests. So  I decide to make birds again, using my experiments in tatting and other techniques for this. At my page "Birds, birds, birds..." at Ravelry there are already some pictures of those birds.

Learning how to tat
07-01-2015  18:48

I am back again here! I hope you are back too and had a good start of the New Year! I started the new year with learning how to tat. I am trying 3 different ways of tatting: With shuttles, needle-tatting and crotat (crochet tatting). I think the techniques of tatting can be very useful in this project. Probably I will use some form of tatting in making the next bird that is needed for the fairytale: A peacock! But before I will be able to do this, I will need some more time experimenting. So the next week I will spend some more time with tatting!

Christmas wish
17-12-2014  09:24

Last week I still have had fun with my fungi.... (see previous posting). I want to add some photos soon to my projectpage at Ravelry. After that it will be silent for a while...

Looking back to this year I am very grateful, because the past year has contributed to my healing process. Also I could take another step with this project to the outside world, by making a page for Feathers and dragons at Facebook.

Now Christmas time is near, I will stop or nearly stop all the outer work for my project, to concentrate more at the inside. I hope this way I can really experience the "golden inside" of Christmas again. This is also my Christas wish to all of you:

I hope you will be able to experience the golden inside of Christmas this year.

"A golden inside is more important as a golden outside" - from the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I will be back here at January 7. 

Christmas wish

Fungi fun
10-12-2014  08:45

At my favorite group at Ravelry - the International Freeform Forum (IFFF) there was a CKAL (Crocheting and knitting along) about fungi. I resisted the temptation to join this CKAL for a long time, but now I have started to make fungi also.... It is so much fun to do. And these small projects are exactly what I need at the moment.... So I just enjoy making them. I intend to use all of these fungi in my project. Probably I will use all or most of them at the bottom of the second folding screen that I will make. But that is for later. Now it is just about having fun and enjoying the process, which will help me in my healing journey.

If you already want to have a look at the progress of my fungi, you can have a look here, at my page at Ravelry.

Time for myself
03-12-2014  09:35

At this moment I need some more time for myself and my own healing process. My left shoulder and left arm need a bit more rest, because of post traumatic dystrophy. So this week I spend more time in bed, listening to beautiful music. I decided to focus at my own healing process. Because of this I could bear the pain more easily and I could feel happy, despite the pain.

So the outer work at this project has become less, but the inner work has become more! And in the end the result of all the inner work will translate itself into the fairytale.....

26-11-2014  08:17

Last week I succeeded in finishing the 5th Goldbird. I think this completes the series of Goldbirds - at least for now. At my Dutch Site I have more space for adding pictures - so you can go there to see some pictures of the Goldbirds. You can find the pictures in the photo-albums. When you are there click at "Vogels" (birds) and then click at the small pictures to open.

19-11-2014  08:24

Four Goldbirds are ready now! There will be a fifth one, but it can take some time....

At Ravelry you can see pictures of all the Goldbirds that are ready now.

E-cards Rainbow birds
12-11-2014  09:39

Actually this is not new: The e-cards are there already a long time. But..... I have now added a photo-collage of all the rainbow birds to this page. I have learned how to make such a collage recently, so I just wanted to make this collage of all the rainbow birds together in one picture!

New page added: Sprang
06-11-2014  08:14

I have added now a new page to this site about sprang and freeform sprang.

05-11-2014  08:20

Last week I had a very interesting meeting with Carol James, who visited me at my home. Carol James has written a book about sprang and is teaching sprang in workshops. It is her mission to give more people the opportunity to discover this ancient technique. Carol had a large suitecase with her with lots of her beautiful work in it. It was very nice to see and feel all this work. Very inspiring to me. 

The meeting with Carol James inspired me to add a new photo album to the photo albums at my Dutch site. I also added there a page about sprang. I will add a page about sprang to this site also, but probably not today.... But you are welcome to have a look at the photo album sprang at my Dutch site - the language of pictures can be understood in every language.....

29-10-2014  08:11

After finishing my small fairytale tree, I started to make Goldbirds, to sit in that tree. The first one is finished now. You can see pictures of it at Ravelry or at my page at Facebook, under photos, in the album "other birds".

The second fairytale tree is ready!
22-10-2014  08:27

I am happy to announce that my second fairytale tree is ready! Now I will need some birds in that tree! I have started knitting already.

small fairytale tree made for fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon


Second fairytale tree and sprang
15-10-2014  08:49

I have finished crocheting all the leaves for the second fairytale tree and have attached them all to the tree now. So there is a lot of progress.... Now I need to cover the plastic Christmas tree stand of the tree. So this will be the next thing to do for my fairytale tree. 

In between I am also still working at my sprang experiments. Yesterday I went to the National Braiding Museum and there I saw some interesting things that inspires me to try something new in sprang. Although it was not sprang that I saw, I think I might be able to do something similar in sprang..... Could be a very interesting experiment!

Sprang and fairytale tree
08-10-2014  08:42

Again I have been working at my sprang experiments this week. I like to do this and in my mind I already see how I can use it in my second folding screen.

In between I am also working at my fairytale tree. It is easy to crochet leaves for this tree - I can do it while watching TV.

Sprang experiment
01-10-2014  07:48

Last week I have done a lot of experimenting in sprang. Together with my husband I even designed a special frame for spranging in multiple directions, to get more freedom in it. I have just finished my first piece of sprang that is made at this new frame (no picture yet, but a picture of the work in progress...)

I am working in all shades of green, because I hope to use my sprang experiments in the new folding screen I am making for my project.

sprang experiment

Fairytale tree and sprang
24-09-2014  08:29

Last week I have also been working at my second fairytale tree. The branches are ready now. I also started adding leaves. All the leaves I had already made earlier are at the tree now. So now I will have to crochet new leaves... You can see the progress of the tree at Ravelry.

I have also been working at a second folding screen. This will again be a lot of work! I am using a lot of sprang for this second folding screen. So I am spranging again! 


Second fairytale tree
18-09-2014  08:54

I am still filling my new Facebook page for this project. But I am also writing at the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon and I am working at a second fairytale tree. This tree will be smaller than the other one and also a bit different. The branches of this tree will remain visible. I have started joining the many thin branches into thicker branches. After this I started wrapping strips of fabric and yarn around them. With a little embroidery and adding some pieces of tule or mosquito net, I will add some texture.

Started a Facebook page
11-09-2014  08:27

I have started a Facebook page for this project last week. The link to this page is also at the front page of this website. 

The fairytale tree is finished!
04-09-2014  10:43

I am happy to announce that I have finished the fairytale tree! So I finished another large object for my project! It was a lot of work, but I think it was worth it.

More photos you can find in my Photo Album at my Dutch site. Just click at the small pictures to see the photos.

Fairytale tree made for art project and fairytale

The leaves are ready
28-08-2014  15:45

This week I have finished the last leaves for my fairytale tree and attached them all to the tree. So now I will have to do just some finishing touches.... But from experience I know that sometimes "finishing touches" can be a lot of work. So not crossing the finish line yet....

I have added some more photos of the tree in progress to Ravelry.

Just continuing
21-08-2014  07:58

This week I have continued working at the fairytale tree. I am really happy about the progress I have made, but still there is a lot to do before it is finished. I could cover almost the whole tree now with the „leaves” I have made, but still I need a few. At this moment most of the leaves are still only pinned to the tree, so I still will have to do some sewing work also. Probably I also will add some embroidery afterwards, but we will see…. This week I have added some new photos to the project page at Ravelry.

Still working at the fairytale tree
14-08-2014  10:25

This week I was again working at the fairytale tree. There is some progress since last week, but I have not taken another photo yet.... Probably I will do this soon.

Fairytale tree
07-08-2014  06:14

This week I have concentrated at the work at the fairytale tree. The upper leaves are ready and attached to the tree. Most of them still only with safety pins. There are already also some big leaves ready, waiting till they can be attached to the tree. But I also still need a lot more leaves. So I am knitting, crocheting, spranging and doing hairpin lace again… At Ravelry you can see some photos of the tree in progress. 

A present to me
31-07-2014  07:09

This week I have decided to give myself a precious gift: I will do a training in expression of the voice. I want to do this to enhance my vitality. Of course I also like the side-effect of improving my singing qualities. 

During the individual introduction of this training it became clear that I have transformed the negative effects of the bullying very well. However, my body is still in trouble. So, after all the work at myself I have already done, now it is time to focus at the healing of my body. This training will help me with this. During the introduction I learned some exercises, which I can also do at home. And I already can feel that it works: I feel much more alive!!!

Forgotten small nest
26-07-2014  06:50

This week my husband found somewhere in the attic a small nest I have made a long time ago - a long time before I started this project. I had completely forgotten this nest. It was nice to find it back. So now it will be added to my extensive collection of nests for this project.

 small nest - art project bullying

Designer For A Day (DFAD)
19-07-2014  07:33

This week I was again Designer For A Day at the International Freeform Forum (IFFF) at Ravelry. So this week I provided instructions and ideas to work with. I was asked to do "hairpin lace". For knitters I also higlighted 2 knitting stitches, which can be used together or alone in a pattern.

To be DFAD was a nice motivation to me to delve into all the different aspects of hairpin lace and all the different ways you can use it (especially in freeform). If you are interested in this you can find it here.

Of course all of this was fun to do, but also very useful for this project.

12-07-2014  13:15

My enthusiasm is a key driver for this project. This week I was very happy with a discovery I made in knitting. At the International Freeform Forum at Ravelry someone shared a picture of the Summit shawl, a free pattern of a special lace shawl. I decided to try to give my own twist to this pattern. It was nice to experiment with this. I am so lucky that I came across this wonderful pattern! Thanks to it I discovered new creative possibilities. This is what makes me happy and helps me to continue my work with enthusiasm.


Fairytale tree
05-07-2014  07:26

I am still tired of all the computer-work I did recently. So it is great to work more with the hands again. This week I have completed the undergrowth for my fairytale tree. You can see photos of this here.

Me time
28-06-2014  07:48

The last few weeks have been very intensive, with a lot of computer-work. So I decided it is time now to have some more me-time again! I enjoy spending some more time walking and biking in nature. I also have started recently making something just for me. If you are curious, just have a look here

A bit of everything
21-06-2014  10:39

This week was again a week with a bit of everything. I have been working with Ellen at her book about bullying Pestitude. But I have also made some new leaves for my fairytale tree. I have written a new newsletter (which I am now translating into English). And very important: I also had some ME-time.... enjoying nature, meeting some friends and making something just for me!

Inspirational woman
14-06-2014  21:27

This time I would like to share with you the story of Lizzie Velasquez. To me the story of this young woman is very inspirational. People have called her in the interne the most ugly woman in the world and have said the most disgusting things about her. But.... she has risen above all the negativity and she has become a very strong and inspirational woman. You can listen to her talk at TED here.

Reading and writing
07-06-2014  08:56

This week I have spend a lot of time reading and writing. I am still test reading the book Pestitude of Ellen Somers. It will become a very interesting book. It is only a shame that it is only in Dutch.... But I hope one day it will be translated in English too.....The book Pestitude will become a very practical book, with lots of exercises in it.

Test reading this book is to me a very educational proces. I am learning a lot from the comments of the publisher. This is important to me too, for the writing of my own fairytale.

Test reading a book about bullying
31-05-2014  09:07

This week I have been test reading a book about bullying. My Belgian friend Ellen Somers is writing this book (Pestitude). This book will be different from other books about bullying, because it focuses on getting your life back on track when you are or have been bullied. So despite of the heavy subject, this will be a positive book.

The first folding-screen is ready!
24-05-2014  09:39

I am so happy - my first folding screen is ready! It was really a lot of work (more than 7 months passed since the start). But I really like the result! It was worth all the labor. And I am proud that I could finish such a large project. Both sides of the folding screen are different, so I have already 2 different backgrounds for my fairytale now. I will add some photos here. More photos you can find at Pinterest. More information about how I made it and also more photos at Ravelry.

folding-screen - made for art project feathers and dragons

Folding-screen - made for art project feathers and dragons

A prize from the IFFF
17-05-2014  08:01

I have won a prize at one of the games from the second anniversary of the moderators of the IFFF (International Freeform Forum. This week this prize - a freeform scrumble made by one of the moderators - arrived, plus a bonus scrumble! I was very surprised how beautiful these scrumbles fitted into what I had already made for the bottom of the Fairytale tree (hiding the Christmas tree stand). And I love the idea that these beautiful scrumbles are now part of my project. The IFFF has been very important to me during the last year. At the IFFF I have found lots of inspiration and support. It is a very friendly group. So there was already a lot of the IFFF in my project, but now it has even become more visible!!! Look at the photos of these scrumbles and how they fit in at Ravelry.

Working at the foldingscreen
10-05-2014  09:41

This week I have had some help from my husband, working at the first folding screen. We have managed to cover the last 2 vertical bars of the folding screen with weaving, knitting and brown mosquito net. So now the panels can be attached to it! Still a lot of work, but the work is progressing!

All kind of things
03-05-2014  10:48

This week I have been doing all kind of things. Mainly knitting, spranging and weaving for my project, but also watching a TV program about bullying. This program was controversial, because victims of bullying were asked to film the bullying with a hidden camera. Part of this film was shown in the program, but the faces of the bullies were hidden and the voices were distorted, so that they could not be recognized. This shocking film of the bullying was shown first to the parents of the victim and then to his mentor, the caretaker of the school and his class. The goal was not to point at the bullies, and punish them, but just to make clear what was happening and how big the impact of this was, in order to stop the bullying. The class was very impressed with the film. Three months after this the TV crew came back for the follow-up. The bullying had stopped and the bullies had even become friends with the victim.

sprang experiment
26-04-2014  09:16

This week I have finished my first green double sprang experiment. And I am very proud of it. I plan to make more of these experiments, to fill a second folding screen. It will be much work, but I am going for the best results - not for speed. 

                               sprang-experiment for art project bullying

19-04-2014  12:30

This week I saw a documentary about cyberbullying at t.v. It was really shocking. Many young people are confronted with it at some level: As a victim, a bully or a witness. It is not easy to solve the problem of cyberbullying. Often it is anonymous or they use a fake profile. Victims of cyberbullying are often double victim of bullying: They are bullied in and outside school and also at home, by hateful messages at social media. Often they are also threathened. They get no rest from their bullies.... In many cases parents and teachers do not know about the bullying. Victims feel often too ashamed and/or are afraid of overreacting parents who will forbid internet.... So they are all alone with their problems....

It is really necessary that adults talk with their children about cyberbullying and how to protect themselves at the internet. You can find information about cyberbullying at this site.

It is also necessary to teach children to be more empathetic and react less judgmental at others, without knowing the whole story. And of course the adults will have to live what they say......

Reading about bullying
12-04-2014  09:49

Last week I have been reading about bullying. I am reading a very good book about bullying, written by Margo Henderson. Unfortunately this book is only in Dutch. 

The book is about group processes and roles within groups. There is not only the bully and the victim, but there are also people who participate, people who encourage the bullying, bystanders, outsiders and helpers (defending the victim). The role of all of these groups are described clearly in the book. To myself the part about behaviour and boundaries was very insightful. I finally got an answer to my question what to do when you are bullied.... Without blaming myself! This book is also very clear about that: Never blame the victim; he or she is not guilty of being bullied!

I really hope that many people will read this book and that it will help them to prevent bullying, break the taboo of talking about bullying, and act to end a situation of bullying and help the victims to heal the wounds and gain self-confidence.

Reactions at the newsletter
05-04-2014  07:05

This week I got several beautiful reactions at my newsletter. I am very happy with all this feedback I am receiving. There were also some questions about sprang. So here there is a link to a beautiful page about sprang. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will also find a link to the description of the sprang technique and some films about sprang.

Fairytale tree
30-03-2014  07:56

sprang and knitting for fairytale and art project bullying

I have done some more sprang in combination with lace knitting. And I also know now how I can use it in this art project. I will cover a Christmas tree with it, so that this tree will change into a fairytale tree. And that fairytale tree will be useful as  surrounding in the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon.

Last week I have also send the newsletter. If you did not get one, but want to get one, please fill in the contact form and I will mail you one.

New experiments
23-03-2014  09:03

Last week I have been experimenting with sprang, a very ancient method of construction fabric (see this link). I am experimenting with very different and unusual materials. You can see some photos of it at this page at Ravelry. At this page you can also see some different experiments; a combination of sprang and knitting. I am very excited about the possibilities of this. I think I can use it very well in this project, making a background for the fairytale.

Folding screen and play time
16-03-2014  07:16

I started to sew the first panel into the folding screen..... But it is only just a start. I have been ill this week, so I had to do things that require less effort.... So play time again!!! And today I will visit a big knitting and crocheting event. I hope it will inspire me. 

More experimenting
08-03-2014  08:03

I am using the double knitting technique now for more experiments. It is a very nice technique to use in freeform. I also want to use this technique in combination with sprang. I think it will be a suitable technique to use for the filling of the second folding screen..... If you want to see photos of my experiments in free knitting you can go to this page at Ravelry.

Time for learning and experimenting
28-02-2014  09:28

This week I have used to learn new things and experiment. Mid-March there will be an evenement of knitting and crocheting and there is a possibility to attend workshops. I am now selecting which workshops I want to do and which techniques I can teach myself from the internet.... This week I started to learn double-knitting. I made a potholder, to learn this fascinating technique. With double knitting you create a reversible 2-layer fabric. More information about this and a photo of my potholder you can find at Ravelry. I intend to experiment a bit further with double knitting, because you can do much more with it, also in a more free way. But the starting point is always to learn the craft. Once I have mastered this I can experiment.

I have no new photos of my folding screen yet. But I do have another photo of the birdcage, the cage that is part of the fairytale about the frightened little bird and the dragon.

birdcage made for art project bullying

Working at the folding screen
21-02-2014  07:43

I am working at the folding screen again, to let it become a background for my fairytale. It is still a lot of work, but there is a steadily progress. I have finished the 6 small panels freeform knitting and crocheting at the underside. Now I am working at one of the uprights again. I hope to show a new photo next week.

New page added: from pain to strength
16-02-2014  08:36

Recently I added a new page to this website. Then something went wrong and my website was off line for a moment. But thanks to the service of simpsite my website was back again soon. I did not loose my pages, but I lost my background design. Probably I can recover this - will have to look at it some time. But for now I am very happy with the fact that my website is online again. Have a look at my new page if you want - it is a summary of my story.

Fairytale - a dragon-like plan
08-02-2014  08:55

I have changed the page fairytale and I also added a new photo. This photo shows something of the dragon-like evil plan the dragon has invented.

01-02-2014  10:47

I finished my dreambird shawl and am back to work at the folding screen now. I have finished 2 rectangles of freeform knitting and crochet. I will need 6 of them, so I will be busy with this for some time.... But I am happy with the results.

freeform made for art project bullying

Something just for me
25-01-2014  16:09

In between al the work at this project, I am now making something just for myself (because I am WORTH it!). But still it is somehow connected to this project.... It is a knitted shawl with feathers - the Dreambird pattern of Nadita Swings. But I am changing the pattern just a little bit now, to give my own swing to it.... A photo of this I hope to post tomorrow at this page at Ravelry.

Continuing with the background of the fairytale
18-01-2014  08:48


I have been working at the folding screen, for the background of the fairytale. Yesterday I have finished the third backside panel. So now I can fill most of the folding screen. But there still remains a part uncovered at the bottom and the top. I will have to make something for this also. Maybe I will use freeform crochet and knitting for the undergrowth at the bottom part.

freeform detail - made for fairytale, artproject bullying


Progress fairytale
11-01-2014  10:17

I have written quite a lot at the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon. I finished the first story, but I have decided that I want to make a real book with multiple adventures in it. So I have started writing the second big adventure....

During the Christmas time I had a pause in working at the surrounding of the fairytale. But I have started working at this again now. More about this later.

website ready
08-01-2014  20:16

Well... I think this website is finally ready - all English now, except some hidden pages in Dutch/English to be sure that everyone can find me back....

The older news page you can still find here

Colorful bird
03-01-2014  09:37

I already mentioned making the golden word "kleurrijk" - which means colorful. I did not only make this word, but I also made a colorful little bird. I had felted this bird years ago, but never finished it. When I received some very colorful feathers, I remembered this bird. So I now finally finished this bird with the feathers. There was also already a suitable nest for this bird....

colorful bird - art project bullying

Golden words
29-12-2013  19:27

I thought I was ready with making golden words for the treasury of the dragon. But then I got another one, I liked very much from a dear friend. So I have made this one also: Kleurrijk - it means colorful.

 colorful- art project bullying

Christmas wish
24-12-2013  08:39

Instead of old pain

Thousand reasons

to be grateful remain.

We get silent within

Christmas can begin.


Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



A memorable date
20-12-2013  07:28

Today it is exactly 2 years ago that I had an accident with my bike. I broke my right upper arm, lost a tooth and my nose and chin had to be stitched. My life was totally shaken up and - looking in the mirror - I had a big confrontation with the dragon. You can read the whole story at the page dragon (subtitle: confrontation with the dragon).  Now, after 2 years, I am very grateful about the results of this confrontation with the dragon. I have put the inner dragon outside myself. This means that he has now less power over me. And - working at the dragon - I have discovered the golden words he has been hiding for me.

Now again I am in a next phase: Describing everything in the form of the fairytale of the frightened little bird and the dragon….

13-12-2013  20:04

The latest newsletter was sent this week. If you did not get one and want to receive one, please let me know:

changes at the website
07-12-2013  18:33

At the moment this website is under construction.... I am working to change the website into all English. It will take some time to change everything. So there will be some pages already changed, while others are still old....

The new Dutch website is ready now and can be found here