Rainbow birds and bullying

The rainbow birds take you past all the colours of the rainbow. Each rainbow bird presents a colour of the rainbow. Every colour is different and has its own character and qualities. To form a rainbow as a promise of hope, we certainly need all the colours together. 

With humans it is the same. Every human being is different an everyone has his own unique character and qualities. Some people and some colours most of the time move in front of the light. Others stay more in the back and are quite happy there. Colours and people can be active or more quiet, they move a lot or almost not at all, they can be serious or playful… The one is not better or worse than the other. The rainbow is not complete when one of the colours is missing. And our society is not complete as long as we are not willing to include the people wo are different...  

The rainbow birds are part of the Yil bird knitting project of Mathilde Jongbloed. I changed her basic pattern again and again to suit the individual character of each bird.

Thanks to Antrovista, all rainbow birds can be used as ecards
All the rainbow birds also appear in the fairy tale of the frightened little bird and the dragon.


The magenta bird

The first rainbowbird I am knitting is the magentabird. The magentabird is soft and wooly, has mainly round forms and a wide fanning tail. He can stand well at his feet, but usually he does not do that. He prefers dreaming and sitting all day in his lovely soft magenta nest, in which he partly disappears. If sitting at his nest, it is hard to say where the bird ends and the nest begins. The magentabird is one with his surrounding.

magenta bird - rainbow bird in art project bullying

The carmine bird

The carmine bird is more active than the magenta bird. He feels at home at his warm and cosy nest. He constantly keeps building at his nest. He uses his own feathers to decorate the nest and is always looking for new branches and twigs to close all the cracks and holes in his nest.

In this way his nest becomes more and more warm and cosy.

carmine bird - rainbow bird in art project bullying

The scarlet bird

The scarlet bird loves to sit at the border of his nest, looking out. Now and then he carefully makes some steps outside of his nest or he flies up a little. He is curious about the world outside of his nest, as long as the save nest is nearby.

scarlet bird - rainbow bird in art project bullying


Vermillion bird

The vermillion bird has a remarkable appearance. He has a lot of courage,  he is powerful, very mobile and warm and he likes changes. His life is never dull, because nothing will ever stay the same with this bird; he changes whatever he can, so that every day is different and new and life is just one big adventure.                                                                                                                                                         

vermillion bird - rainbow bird in art project bullying

The orange bird

The orange bird is a cheerful songbird. Early in the morning he is already singing at the top of his voice. His enthusiasm awakens the voices of the other birds. The orange bird is seldom alone. His flight is elegant. Now and then the orange bird, still singing, flies up a little and then at some distance he lands again, often at the top of a tree or bush, or at one of the higher branches.

orange birds- rainbow birds, art project bullying

The yellow bird

The yellow bird has a sunny character. He moves freely and lightly through the air, but he also likes the warmth of the earth. Standing on a branch, with its wings spread wide, he enjoys the sunlight, that gives his yellow colour a golden luster.

yellow bird - rainbow bird, art project bullying

Yellow-green bird

The yellow-green bird loves light and air. Because of his youth, freshness and optimistic character, he is a welcome guest. But he stays never long. He moves quick and agile in a rhythmic way through the air, from one place to another. Usually he is accompanied by some other yellow-green birds.

yellow-green birds- rainbow birds, art project bullying

Emerald bird

The emerald bird has a slim figure, long legs and an upright posture.

With a clear watchful gaze, he sees his whole envirement. Often you can find him at his most beloved spot at the water. 

This bird has a calm nature and can stand for hours at the same spot, almost without moving.

emerald bird - rainbow bird, art project bullying

The turquoise bird

The turquoise bird has a long sharp beak, high legs and geometric patterns at his back and belly. His look is clear and fresh. He loves order, regularity, structure and a light envirement. Cold and ice do not bother him, but heat does… So when it gets too warm to him, he flies away to colder regions.

turquoise bird- rainbow bird, art project bullying

Cobalt blue bird and ultramarine bird

The cobalt blue bird and ultramarine bird together form a close family. These birds are very social and caring. With their large protective wings they embrace each other and their offspring. With much love they share their warmth and the care for their chicks. When the chicks are big enough they fly away all together, into the world… The parent birds show the way and protect and take care of the young birds as long as necessary.

cobalt blue bird and ultramarine bird - rainbow birds


The indigo bird

The indigo bird is a sturdy build bird. He is different from the others, but this does not bother him. Now and then he steps a little aside to give more space to the other birds with different colours. He does not experience it as a problem to be alone. He can enjoy himself very well, het is indepent from others and satisfied in himself. 

indigo bird - rainbow bird, art project bullying

The violet bird

The violet bird is a quiet and peaceful bird. He likes the silence and his love is superb:

He loves the earth and everything on earth. But the sky and heaven above him is also very dear to him.

violet birds- rainbow birds, art project bullying

violet birds (detail)- rainbow birds, art project