Textile books    
The textile books tell my life story.

In the first year of this project, I write the text for my first 2 books. I find feathers at my long walks and the feathers are telling me a story. This helps me to remember my past. Writing these books, once again I experience all the bullying at the primary school. At the end of the second book I close the chapter of the bullying at the primary school. The bullying stops, but it has had so much impact that it has changed who I am....

In the second series of books I write about how much the bullying has changed me. I use animal characteristics to show this. For example a chameleon... In order to prevent to become again a victim of bullying, I act like a chameleon.... trying to "belong to the group" I imitate others, even if I have to deny myself.... Besides the chameleon I discover 8 other animal characteristics and .... a dragon!

A third series of texts is all about regaining my freedom: I am not free as long as I am determined by my animal characteristics, but I become free when I am able to play with the animal qualities. I am still working at this last series.