Sprang - a very old technique

In my work I often use sprang. It is an old braiding technique, that is done with the yarns stretched in a frame.  I like to use sprang, because it has many creative possibilities. It is a very ancient technique. You can find some information about the history of sprang at this page. At the same website you can also find some basic information about the technique.

Carol James has also very good instructional videos about the technique of sprang at her website. See also this video from her at You Tube.
Sylva Antony Cekalová has made another very interesting website about sprang

There is also a group about sprang now at Facebook.

Freeform sprang - many more information at my new website for freeform sprang

I usually work with sprang in a non traditional way. I combine sprang with lots of other techniques, such as knitting, hairpin lace, crocheting and weaving. I also like to experiment.
So after I had  learned freeform knitting and crocheting I also wanted to try freeform sprang. 
I am still experimenting with it, but I am very proud of my first results with this method.
I designed a special frame for this. The frame can easyly be disassembled. 
Pictures from my freeform sprang you can find at my Dutch website in the photo-albums. Just have a look in the album "sprang". I will keep adding to this photo-album.

freeform sprang