Sprang bird

This time I have a real challenge to you: Make a sprang bird!! The golden keyword for this bird is perseverance. Sprang is a braiding technique, done with stretched threads (usually in a frame). More information about this technique and how to make a sprang bird you will find in the PDF file.

sprang bird

If you want your bird to join the longest line of birds (see below), make sure that your bird will arrive before June 2019 at “The Creazy Ladies, De Hare 10, 8375 GC  Oldemarkt, the Netherlands”.

Sprang bird.pdf

Bird Fiona

I have designed a new bird that can be made for "the longest line of birds".
This challenge runs till June 2019. 

Birds for this challenge can be send to: The Creazy Ladies, De Hare 10, 8375 GC Oldemarkt, the Netherlands. 
All those birds will be displayed at the Textile Festival Weerribben in June 2019. After the Festival the birds will be used for charity purposes.

Bird Fiona is also connected to one of the golden key words of my art project Feathers and dragons. The word that belongs to this bird is honesty. I have chosen to make this bird in white, because to me white is connected to purity/honesty. But of course you can choose whatever colour you like.

This bird would also fit into the Christmas tree….

I wish you a lot of joy in making this bird.

Bird Fiona.pdf

Bird Fiona

Vrovo Freubel, the cheerful bird

I have designed this bird for the project "Elk vogeltje zingt zoals het gebekt is" - translated: Each bird sings in its own way - see the page news, 26-10-2018.
You can join this community project by making your own unique bird and send it to: De Creazy Ladies, de Hare 10, 8375 GC Oldemarkt, the Netherlands. All birds will gather in the longest line of birds at the Textile Festival Weerribben, in June 2019. Use my pattern of Vrovo Freubel or use another pattern of a small bird as a basic pattern and give it your own twist! And please add a loop for hanging!! 

Vrovo Freubel, the cheerful bird

Vrovo Freubel bird.pdf

A golden key word and a feather for the dragon

In the newsletter of May 2018 I describe how you can help the dragon to get his golden wings (of love) back. In this newsletter there is a list of golden key words. The idea is that you choose one of these key words to live with and make the dragon a golden feather - following the knitting or crochet pattern in the newsletter. More information about how to join this project you can read in the newsletter. If you are in for this challenge, please send an email to feathers-and-dragons@outlook.com  to give me your address and email. I will mail you back, sending you my address, so that you can send your feather to me. I will also send you a small "golden" key as a big thank you to you (read all about this in the newsletter). 
You will find the crochet pattern at page 3 of the newsletter and the knitting pattern at page 6
newsletter feathers and dragons 26.pdf

Golden feather for the dragon

Making mesh with a Lucet
I have written a tutorial about making mesh with a Lucet. The idea is from Kim Salazar - I worked it up.
At the internet you can find many tutorials about making the basic cord, for example this one.

For the tutorial of making mesh with a Lucet and a crochet hook as additional tool, click at the link below.
Lucet mesh tutorial.pdf

Picot knitting lesson

picot knitting lesson

I have written a picot knitting lesson. In freeform knitting picot knitting can give you much freedom. If you follow the instructions in my sample you will learn more about the possibilities.

picot knitting lesson.pdf